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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Top Honest Legit & Best Paying PTC sites


Following is the list of PTC sites which are at the top of its industry because of their Age, Payout Systems, Earning Levels and Referral Systems. If you join these sites, then it is trusted and easy way to make money online without any investment. You just have to view some ads, complete tasks or play games and it will be rewarded with some money on daily basis. These are long time running trusted websites, which started 4-5 years ago and still continues...
How to Join Trusted PTC Sites??
The process is very simple, follow these steps:
1.First of all take a short review about PTC. Click Here
2.After that Register on Trusted PTC Sites one by one. (Recommended: 4-7 PTC Sites)
3.If you need and help then contact me without any hesitation.
Now You Have Done It…!! OK

List of All Trusted PTC Sites

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

CAPTCHA - Data Entry Work


The best and trusted Data Entry Work is CAPTCHA. It is very easy, simple & Free of Cost. Where you can do their job without any fear of earning lost. There is required just read the CAPTCHA image and type them correctly. You can earn more than more in a month from CAPTCHA entry jobs.

CAPTCHA is the abbreviation of “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. CAPTCHA are a rule for approval which you are get into before posting information to any web page when are sign-up CAPTCHA is an picture that people can comprehend, but computer cannot, it is used to keep out from “bots” and other automated applications.

In CAPTCHA work you can generate $3 to $5 everyday by perform with CAPTCHA access. There are 24 hours work is available. If you perform 4/5 time everyday you can generate an intelligent income every day.

Always remember that “Luck Is Not in Your Hand but Work Is in Your Hand, Your Work Can Make Your Luck. So Always Trust Yourself And Do Your Best To Do Your Aim And INSHALLAH We Will Achieve Our Goals.”

Now question is that ‘What Are the Best Trusted CAPTCHA Websites’??

There Are Lots Of CAPTCHA Websites (Servers) Are Available Into The Internet World. But I Highly Recommended These 2 Websites.

  • 1. Kolotibablo
  • 2. Megatypers

These are the best data (CAPTCHA) entry servers (websites) they provided data entry services without investments. These are genuine data entry work websites that pays data entry worker for data entry. You can get work on 24 hours without any delays and receive your payment daily. How to Work on Servers? Select your desired server, and follow steps in sequence. Kolotibablo Megatypers

kolotiBablo - Data Entry Work


Kolotibablo Is One of The Most Trusted CAPTCHA (Data Entry Work) Website.The work is Very Easy and Simple. There Is Required Just Read the CAPTCHA Image and Type Them Correctly. Join It And Get Paid For Online Entry Work, From $0.35 Up To $1 Per 1000 Entries.
Work Alone or With Us At Home And Receive Daily In-Depended Payouts.

Features of Kolotibablo
Website www.kolotibablo.com
Rate 0.35 $ - 1.00 $/ 1000 Entries *
Software Yes **
Commission Yes, In Terms of Bonus
Best Timing 8:00 pm --- 7:00 am
Payout Limit Minimum 1$ Daily (Maximum No Limit)
Payout Method Payza, Webmoney, Easy-load, Easy Paisa, Direct Bank Account
Current Status Always Paying and Trusted Website

* Rate Depend Upon Your Accuracy, Your Speed And Your Production.
** Software Will Be Speed-Up Your CAPTCHA Working and You Can Earn Maximum Due to.

How to Work on Kolotibablo??

In Kolotibablo You can work by two ways.
1.Work Alone
(Simply Go to Website, Register Yourself, Purchase Software & Admin Panel and Start Their Work.)
2.Work With Us
(Secondly, Join Our Kolotibablo Project without Any Cost and Work with Us Like a Team.)
Bonus Scheme

You Will Be Awarded Following Bonuses on Achieving The Specified Targets Which Will Automatically Increase Your Earnings. Bonus Percentages Will Be Added on Your Current Earnings.
Bonus Level Bonus Percentage Required Captcha
The Beginner 0 % 0
Junior Stricker 2 % 100 Entries
Senior Stricker 5 % 1,000 Entries
Silver Hammer 8 % 5,000 Entries
Gold Hammer 10 % 10,000 Entries
The Smith 15 % 18,000 Entries
Gold Smith 20 % 30,000 Entries
Kuvaldo 25 % 50,000 Entries
Gold kuvaldometr 30 % 80,000 Entries
Young Borer 35 % 120,000 Entries
Senior Borer 50 % 170,000 Entries
Deformator 120 % 250,000 Entries

How to Receive Their Money??

You Can Receive Your Earning by Two Ways:
1.Online Internet Bank
Transfer your earnings from Kolotibablo Server to Online Internet Bank, (Webmoney or Payza)then Cash-out from Money Exchanger.
2.Cash-out by Us
Sent a Request Email to us at ahsan.anjum25@gmail.com and receive your Cash directly in your Local Bank Account or receive Cash through Easy Paisa/Easy-loads. (Only for Pakistani People)
Important Instructions

Take a note for instructions below read everything first before start their work.
  • Never pay any registration fees to do these works to anyone.
  • Try to work regularly.
  • Precision rate (Minimum Accuracy) 90%+ is compulsory.
  • Try to type all images within time limit. (10-20 Seconds)
  • Type all Letters A-Z and Numbers 0-9
  • Type all images in small letters at Kolotibablo work.
  • When especially show case sensitive then type sensitively.
  • Type all capital letters, when you get an image all capital letters if in software shows Case Sensitive or not.
  • Don’t type special characters like +_,”^@&*? etc. during his work in Kolotibablo.
  • Don’t ignore CAPTCHAs continuously by pressing press ESC button.
  • Don’t put any downloads while you are working in Kolotibablo.
  • Whenever you want to stop then click ‘Stop Button’ and in case of close first click on ‘Stop’ then ‘Log out’.
  • When you achieve a minimum level of earning then you can order for cash-out, and after process you will receive in your Online Bank Account (Payza, Liberty Reserve etc.) within 24 hours.
  • Don't be bother about the CAPTCHA counter they have as it’s not really updated, it took them 10 minutes to update the counter or sometimes the next time you Sign in to the site.
  • CAPTCHA works will be faster if using SOFTWARE.
  • You can create multiple accounts and earn maximum.
  • Always follow all work instructions carefully.
Confused Images & Their Solution

Some time images will comes unclear, pictures, blank or errors etc. then their solution is very necessary. Please see the post “Confused CAPTCHAs and Their Solution".

KolotiBablo Project


Earning-Home provides many CAPTCHA projects and Kolotibablo Project is one of them. You can start your Data Entry (CAPTCHA) Job and work without any earning lost fear. This work is very simple and easy. There is required just read the CAPTCHA image and type them correctly. If you work continuously then you can earn $3-$5 daily. Don’t worry about your earning because we give your Earnings on Daily Basis.

How to Join Kolotibablo Project without Any Cost??

Always Remember That, No-One Provided This Work Free of Cost. They Always Charged Registration Fees or Daily Commission or Software Price. But We Provided Work with All Tools & Instructions without Any Investment or Cost.

So, Follow These Steps In Sequence Carefully, If You Needed Any Help Then Contact Us.
1st Step:

1.Read complete overview about Kolotibablo. Click Here
2.Create at-least 3 Gmail Account, and save their data.
(You can create your email ids in Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail servers but Gmail is recommended.)
3.Send these 3 IDs and their password to me.
(IDs and their Passwords are required for Kolotiibablo registration process.)
2nd Step:

1.Register yourself on ‘NeoBux’ and click on ads daily. What is NeoBux & How to Register?
2.Register yourself on ‘ClixSense’ and click on ads daily. What is ClixSense & How to Register?
3.Register yourself on ‘CoinGeneration’ and run it. What is CoinGeneration & How to Register?
3rd Step:

Download these tools and install on your Computer/Laptop.
A.WinRAR Click Here to Download
B.Window Net Frame Work Click Here to Download
C.Window Net Frame Work Click Here to Download
D.Window Net Frame Work Click Here to Download
E.Window Net Frame Work Click Here to Download
Note: If you are using Win7 then no need to Download Tool B,C,D
4th Step:

Complete this form with correct information and submit it.
5th Step:

Finally, after submit your form wait for processing your request. Within 24hrs after processing I will provide you Software link, Authorized IDs for Work, and all Instruction on your Personal Email Address. OK.
How to Receive Money??

You can receive your payments on Daily Basis after achieving earning target above to 1 Dollar.

If you are outsider from Pakistan then you can receive through Payza, Webmoney.
After that cash out from nearest Money-Exchanger.

Pakistani users Contact Us for their payments and you can receive in terms of Bank Deposits, Easy-Paisa or Easy-Loads. Some Critical Conditions will be applied:

Easy-Loads/Cards Cash-out Rs. 100 Required $1.176 Earning
Easy-Paisa Cash-out Rs. 500 Required $5.88 +Easy-Paisa Charges
Bank Account Cash-out Rs. 1,000 Required $11.76 +Bank Charges and Taxes
And So On....
Current Exchange Rates:
After all Taxes & Foreign Exchanges ........... $ 1 = Rs. 85.03
Rates will be updated on Daily Basis.
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